ruthie is one.

November 14, 2014

welp. our little amazing wonderful stinkpot girl is one. i know it’s been said a million times by a million mothers, but i’ll dare to be redundant. this year flew byfaster than i remember it whizzing by with felix. (who will be FOUR next month. i never imagined having a child over the age of three.) she has become this breath of fresh air that is often disguised as a tornado. but the air is still there whether it be quickly moving or not.

she has challenged me. to be better. to be kinder. to be bold. to be the things that i pray everyday she will grow into being. she has been a constant reminder that we girls are wired to feeland we feel and we feel and we feel. i’m learning to embrace that. but at the very same time to gently remind myself that i can’t trust my emotions. because that will make the ugly a monster. i can only trust the truth of the holy spirit and thank the lord for his mercies.

i could go on and on because it’s easy to write about something you wrestle with everyday. well sorta easy. whatever. but let’s look at random pictures from ruthie’s birthday party instead, ok? oh. and i have to tell you. it’s like she woke up and just knew that it was her day to party. she ate it all up. especially the attention.


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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetinvites (free download!) and party goodness from caravan shoppe. they are the good kind. 


July 5, 2014


oh, that daddy.


July 1, 2014

it happens every season. one morning, or let’s be honest – afternoon, i go to get the kids dressed and they’ve outgrown most everything. bless felix’s 3.5 yr old heart, i put him in some 2T shorts on sunday. from what i hear, not wearing trousers to church is frowned upon. so. hipster short shorts it is.

i bit the bullet yesterday and ordered the ever growing ruthie some clothes online. zara is having a pretty nice little sale right now. but, in looking at some other stores, i realized i could probably make some things for her. SOME things. i wish i had more time to sew things for her, but i don’t. if i did have that time, i usually wouldn’t want to spend it cutting and measuring and sewing. i’d rather, i dunno, sleep or something.

but! eeeeeevery once in a while i want to make something with my very own hands. so i whipped up this little dress i found on the purl bee . i used some not-so-awesome-quality materials i had on hand, just in case i didn’t finish it or it turned out to be a disaster or both. i think i’d like to make another with some cotton yarn. i think.

ruthie eats food.

June 5, 2014

well. ruthie has starting eating solids. she has been watching us like a hawk every time we eat, analyzing every bite we take. after going back and forth about it, she has proved she is definitely ready. to introduce avocado, i stuck some frozen pieces in the mesh feeder. it worked overtime and helped her little teething gums feel better too.

and let’s go ahead and talk about how much she loves her brother. her whole body shakes with excitement when he enters a room. it starts in her toes and works itself out through squeals. if he isn’t in the room with her, she musters all her energy and army crawls the span of the house to find him. i love that. he usually is a good sport about her adoration. until it interferes with his lego time. LEGO TIME. he has already said he wants to be lego MODOK for halloween. and i was all like “who-dee what?” (he’s the mad guy WITH THE BIG HEAD.)






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