July 1, 2014

it happens every season. one morning, or let’s be honest – afternoon, i go to get the kids dressed and they’ve outgrown most everything. bless felix’s 3.5 yr old heart, i put him in some 2T shorts on sunday. from what i hear, not wearing trousers to church is frowned upon. so. hipster short shorts it is.

i bit the bullet yesterday and ordered the ever growing ruthie some clothes online. zara is having a pretty nice little sale right now. but, in looking at some other stores, i realized i could probably make some things for her. SOME things. i wish i had more time to sew things for her, but i don’t. if i did have that time, i usually wouldn’t want to spend it cutting and measuring and sewing. i’d rather, i dunno, sleep or something.

but! eeeeeevery once in a while i want to make something with my very own hands. so i whipped up this little dress i found on the purl bee . i used some not-so-awesome-quality materials i had on hand, just in case i didn’t finish it or it turned out to be a disaster or both. i think i’d like to make another with some cotton yarn. i think.


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