i birthed a child… (part 1)

January 6, 2011

and if you want to know the story, read on friends. read on.

Well, I suppose I’ll start this story when the false labor began. Tuesday, December 7th. The early morning of the 7th to be exact. Around 1 or 2AM to be even more exact. I woke up with some cramping and after tossing and turning for most of the night, the cramping subsided that morning. I had a doctors appointment that afternoon, and upon leaving I knew that I was 80% effaced, 1 cm dilated, and that Mr. Felix was in the posterior position. It was encouraging to know that all the uncomfortableness the night before had made a bit of progress but being told that Felix was in the posterior position was the pits. Well, it was the pits after whipping out my phone once I got to the car and Googled exactly what that meant. (If you are like me and need a little “filling in”, it means that the baby is head down, but face up. The ideal position is head down, face down. If any guys are reading this, you can now woo the ladies with this info. Ok. Maybe not. But, knowledge is power people.) While, a baby in the posterior position isn’t a terribly bad thing because the baby will usually flip during labor. It does make labor more difficult and that is NO GOOD. The prayers commenced.

Jump forward to Tuesday evening. I could be found on all fours doing pelvic tilts or leaning over a pile of couch cushions trying to get the little bub to rotate face down. After doing various gold medal in gymnastics worthy moves for a few hours, I called it a night. Well, wouldn’t you know it, I woke up an hour or two after dozing off with more contractions. Irregular, sporadic, get your hopes up for nothing contractions. Thus loosing another night of sleep. When the sun rose Wednesday the contractions had subsided and I got a few hours of sleep. After waking up late that morning, I continued my different “poses” in hopes they would help Felix turn.

The contractions returned that evening after dinner. (I had oatmeal. It’s what I wanted, ok.) They were still random, but growing in the uncomfortable department. I decided I need to relax the best I could, so Joel brought the rocking chair from the nursery into the living room and I hunkered down to watch the documentary “Helvetica” and eat some Jello. They were still pretty sporadic. I rocked. Watched some more. Still sporadic. Decided to get into the bed. Still sporadic. Kissed Joel goodnight. Still sporadic. Tossed and turned. Then, I decided that maybe they weren’t so sporadic anymore. I woke Joel up and asked him to start timing them. Yup, they were about 5 minutes apart. Joel was a trooper. He would doze between the contractions and I’d yell “start” and he would start the timer. He was a good time keeper. Actually, a great one. Very low key.


2 and half hours, some walking around, and a bath later they were still coming about 5 minutes apart. We called the doctor to get the go ahead to make the trip to the hospital. It. Was. On. And also, it was cold. The kind we aren’t used to here in Georgia.


On the way to the hospital we unfortunately welcomed back the ol’ nemesis of mine, mr. sporadic. I would tell Joel, if I don’t have another contraction before we get to “the name of a near by landmark” then we would turn around. One of my biggest fears in giving birth was to get to the hospital and have them make me go home. (Yeah, I know, not pushing a baby out, just having to go home. Doesn’t make much sense.) Right as we would pass each of the places I named, I would have another contraction. So, we pressed on. When we got to the hospital, I hadn’t had a contraction in over 10 minutes. We pulled into the parking deck and we waited, all the while, I was contemplating having Joel take me home.

(read part 2 here.)


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