January 4, 2017

I’m not sure what it is about the new year, but I always find myself gravitating towards the ol’ blog at the beginning of January. To look through old posts and read the bio that hasn’t been updated since Ruthie joined us.

Joel claims he can remember things from when he was 2 years old. Suspect, I say. But, he is convinced the reason he can see the memories in his head is because of the video and photos his parents took. Which makes it all seem a little more convincing.

I guess I remember a little bit more after clicking through the archives too. I like that. It always always, without fail, makes me want to get back to this. Sheesh my babies have gotten so much bigger since that picture in the sidebar was taken.


yurty thirty.

August 3, 2015

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i am thirty!!

to celebrate joel swept me away to fort yargo state park for a night of camping. in a yurt. and so it became my yurty thirty.

the park itself is perfect for people who want to eeeeeeaaaase into camping. there is a target, starbucks, and chick-fil-a within 5 miles of it so you feel like you are tucked away in a giant wilderness but jk not really. which joel gave two thumbs up and for that i give two thumbs up.

the yurt was right on the water and it was semi magical. sticky soupy sweaty magic. felix took his first canoe ride. the picture where he is looking up at joel while he is being delivered the ground rules of canoe time sums it up. they took to the water right before sunset and i am so so glad we spent the $10 to rent the big ol’ thing.

ruthie was a total two year old for the duration. lots of dirt in her hair. and risk taking. and trying really hard to keep up with big brother. she objected to her pack n play so she rolled back and forth between our spines through the night. but oh, she is a joy. no sarcasm. genuinely. she walked around, flinging gravel, muttering “fun. i have fun.” (quotation marks and punctuation rules got me like “what?”!.)

yes. fun. i have fun, too. here is to thirty!

i love to garden from my head tomatoes.

July 16, 2015


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yes i did. i saw it on a hokey t-shirt and just like that it became the title of this post. a post with too many pictures (mostly from instagram) of things i have grown. the last pic is by felix! heart eyes.

this is the first year that i really tried to have a productive garden. we had a small raised bed last year which housed three tomato plants, two squash plants, and one random head of lettuce. i got about two crook neck squash and five or six tomatoes. nothing more. i lost the will to fight downy mildew and hornworms and threw in the towel way before july.

but i liked it while things were good. loved it really. so this year i researched and got my soil tested. i plotted the garden out, then bought seeds. (buy seeds suited for your area! heat and downy mildew resistant were my picks. i didn’t even know this was a thing. it’s a thing.) found planting calendars for my area and followed them. and plants grew! what. i like the internet.

it isn’t quite the lush oasis i imagined it would be, but i really really enjoy it. eating a cucumber from a plant you started from seed? thrilling. i have already made tons of notes in my garden journal (uh-huh.) about things to do differently/try next year.

a few things to do different?
– space beans out more! 8 bean plants per square foot? nope. they need way more air circulation. at least that’s what i think they need. could just be the terrible humidity. i dunno. mine are looking pretty sad.

– lasagna gardening is awesome. just not for planting a lot of things as soon as you build one. the only veggie that actually made it were the cucumbers (which have exploded!) and some marigolds. after it had composted a bit, i ripped everything out and planted two watermelon plants. they are spreading quick!

– face my bean teepee towards the sun if i keep it near the tree line. one side of the teepee and surrounding flower boxes are looking pitiful.

-plant more veggies in succession.

– i hate pests. beetles and hornworms make me feel ugly. i’m not sure what i will do differently but i’ll have to try something.

if nothing else. i know i want rows of flowers for cutting.

rows and rows and rows. 


June 1, 2015




new picture!

new blog look!

new posts! (probably not.)


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